We all know that there are more number of engineering colleges in our state. Also, the number of seats that are available in B. E. / B.Tech courses are much more than the takers as evidenced by the number of vacant seats in almost all engineering colleges. Most of the students (more than 75%) are availing the state government fee reimbursement facility in diploma, graduate and post-graduate engineering courses. It is widely accepted that the students are not rightly benefited from it in learning process. The students are not put on right tracks of learning by the institutes for various reasons. The so called best institutes (in terms of huge buildings, number of admissions, internal revenue generated, money spent on huge hoardings etc.) are not able to provide them right direction.

The various surveys on employability say that a very less percentage  (<10%)  of engineering graduates are fit for employment; Delhi tops the list with 13% and the Tamilnadu is placed in the bottom with around one percent. We are at the second place from the bottom with the abysmal 1%. It is very pathetic that the educational standards in engineering have drastically fallen down.

Now that the students are made to take admission into colleges for various reasons; probably a few enter them with zeal of learning. They are facing a lot many problems in selecting a good college and course. The consultants, organizers of educational fairs, media and others are providing the necessary guidance with regard to the admissions. There is not much difference amongst colleges basically, for they all are approved by AICTE and are affiliated to University. Almost all the colleges will have the minimum requisite infrastructure, labs and the staff. The difference if at all is there, it is the spirit, which is the commitment of institute to serve the students considering them as its own family members and the attitude of the students to learn and excel.

A few so called best and big colleges are spoiling the students and their careers. They do not provide for the true teaching. The teachers are not allowed to teach and the students not allowed to study since the academic environment is totally disturbed in the campus by organizing several unnecessary programs.They also manipulate attendance and internal marks and do not take any steps in controlling copying in examinations.

Well, amongst all these problems, the student has no other go but to select one. Never be carried away by huge hoardings, colorful and attractive brochures, wonderful offers in sweet voices in educational fairs and free transport and hostel facilities. Look for a simple college in which the academic environment is not disturbed much in the name of pre-placement trainings, campus placements, entertainment programs and other huge celebrations. Normally, in core engineering courses such as mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical, automobile the industry mainly looks for the analytical and basic knowledge of the subject. If the student puts systematic efforts with the help of staff and good textbooks, he can easily acquire these fundamentals. The student also gets adequate exposure in soft skills and communication skills during his course of study.

However, for the computer course related jobs, wherein fast developments take place in technology almost every month, the students need the special and additional training to make them industry ready. The concerned departments will definitely make arrangements for such trainings.

Coming to the selection of courses of study, the core engineering courses such as mechanical, civil, electronics and computers had been always better. It is often said that the mechanical engineering is ever green and it will be the one of the good choices. Mechanical engineers find good jobs in all public, private and government sectors and they reach the top positions in these jobs. Further, they also become excellent entrepreneurs and provide jobs for many others.

We, at the SCIENT Institute of Technology are providing true, honest and the best services to the student community. The Mechanical Engineering Department is one of best in the colleges in and around Hyderabad. The faculty members are quite experienced, highly qualified and committed. The laboratories are well equipped and the students conduct all the experiments which are prescribed by JNTUH, Hyderabad.

The students and parents are advised to visit the institute and ascertain themselves of the services before choosing the college and course.

The following courses are being offered at the campus







B.Tech (Mechanical)

4 years



M.Tech (MD)

2 years



We have the below mentioned Labs






Engineering Workshop

Carpentry, Fitting, House wiring, Tinsmithy, welding, foundry

II-B.Tech I-Semester


Metallurgy & material science Lab

Microscopes, Jominy end quench, muffle furnace, disc polisher, belt polisher, hot blower

II-B.Tech II-Semester


Production Technology Lab

Hydraulic press, Flying press, Injection moulding machine, blow moulding, spot welding, Tig welding, Arc welding, foundry


Fluid mechanics & Hydraulics Lab

Venturi meter, Pelton wheel, Kaplan turbine, Francis Turbine, single stage centrifugal pump, multi stage centrifugal pump, Reciprocating pump, Orifice testing apparatus, Bernoulli’s experiment apparatus, impact of jet, losses in pipes.

III-B.Tech I-Semester


Machine tools lab

Lathe machines, Slotting machine, Shaping machine, milling machine, surface grinding machine, cylindrical grinding machine, Tool and cutter grinding machine, Power hacksaw


Metrology lab

Tool makers micro scope, bevel protractor, sine bar, venire calipers, venire height gauge, micro gauge, types of screw gauges


Thermal Engineering lab

Two stroke single cylinder petrol engine, four stroke Single cylinder Diesel engine, Multi cylinder Petrol engine Boiler Model , Air Compressor, Cut section of Four stroke Petrol engine and Assembly and disassembly of an engine.

III-B.Tech II-Semester


Heat transfer

Composite wall apparatus, Heat transfer through lagged pipe, Heat transfer in a concentric sphere, Thermal metal rod, Heat transfer in forced convection, Heat transfer in natural convection, Parallel flow / counter flow apparatus, Emissivity apparatus and stefan boltzman apparatus.

IV-B.Tech I-Semester


Instrumentation Control Systems

RTD, LVDT, Rota meter, Seismic pickup drapery etc.



Ansys,  CATIA, Auto CAD etc.

With an intention to provide exposure to our students and faculties, we have organized seminars, paper presentations and technical quiz etc. So that they can perceive the methodologies followed by others and learn the latest technologies available.Student Association:

The Department has established the Department student Association named as M-Spice (electronic Students Proactive innovative Communication Engineering). Under this banner department organizes technical quiz, seminars and paper presentations

With an ardent intention to provide exposure to our students and faculties, we have organized seminars, paper presentations and technical quiz etc. So that, they can perceive the methodologies followed by others and learn the latest technologies available. Faculty Participation in Seminar / Workshops

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