The 18th Edition of Large Technology Festival(SAmviD FiEsTA-2k18) & Annual Day Organized by the student community of Scient Institute of Technology will be held from 28th to 29th ,March-2018.

Library Services

  • General Issue  3 books will be issued and should be renewed for every 15 days.
Working Hours:

     Start Time :    9 :00 AM
     End Time   :   5:00 PM
Library Collection :
At present the library has collection of Books,current Journals, Volumes ,e-Learning Material & Videos as listed below


  • Digital Library Membership for all students
  • IEEE membership provided to the students
  • Swayam Prabha
  • National Digital Library
  • SC,ST Book Bank facilities

  • E-Journals

                   ->  IEEE
                   ->  SPRINGER
                   ->  ELESEVIER
                   -> ASME