A 3 day workshop on  "Programming essentials on Python " on 15.11.2023, 16.11.2023, 17.11.2023  in association with TASK I I A motivational speech on  "Wired to Win " on 10.11.2023 by Krish Dhanam,CEO Skylife success USA  I I  Hearty Congratulations to 19C01A0556- B.Navya IV year CSE and 19C01A0442- S.Soujanya IV year ECE for being placed at Accenture with 4.6LPA

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Welcome to SNTI Alumni

Scient Institute of Technology is home to a growing body of alumni from all walks of life,  and  the  main  objective  of Scient  Alumni  community  is  to  continuously  improve  the standards  of  the  institute.  The  main  goal  of  the  Association  is  to  maintain  the  link  between College and Alumni and share their details of employment and achievements. We are particularly proud that many of our graduates hold positions of leadership in their respective professions.

The  Alumni  members  meet  for  an  Annual  get-together  every  year  and  all  the Alumni  present  are  taken  around  the  campus.  All  the  Alumni  can  participate  in  various entertainment programs and games organized by the College and are provided with lunch and refreshments. The  Management  and  faculty  will  be  delighted  to  have  you  in  the  department to share your valuable professional experience among the faculty and students.

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