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Advice Your Junior

  • SNTI is home to a growing body of alumni from all walks of life, and the main objective of SNTI office of Development and Alumni relations is to continuously improve the standards of the institute.
  • We are particularly proud that many of our graduates hold positions of leadership in their respective profession. 
  • The main objective of this association are updating the young generation with the former students who are well settled in their close fields. 
  • Bringing together the alumni of the college by arranging frequent meetings or together with a view to exchange the latest developments in the field of engineering and technology. 
  • Arranging cultural, literacy and sports act. 
  • Assisting the campus recruitment's, suitable placements and training for the students. 
  • On this site, you will find all the information to keep you. 
  • Donations are welcome for the poor student’s funds. 
  • Money given as a donation would be utilized for the text books and accessories of the children. 
  • Tuition covers only a small portion of the cost of the education that SNTI provides.
  • Our success in gaining recognition as an international leader in higher education has been made possible by the generous support of foundations, corporations, and most importantly, a growing community of alumni who care about the future of this very special Institute by giving gifts and donations to the needy people. 
  • Gifts to SNTI support financial aid and scholarships for the most deserving and needy students. 
  • They also allow us to recruit and retain the world's very best faculty, and to build and renovate state-of-the-art laboratories and classrooms. 
  • Contributions of every size make a difference. 
  • Make your gift today.