·         Review academic and other related activities of the College

·         Consider new programs of study for approval of AICTE

·         Consider recommendations of the Principal regarding    Promotions

·         Ratify Selections / appointments made Institute medals and prizes

·         Pass Annual Budget of the College


·         The functional head of the College. He mainly looks after academics, Administration, development of education, also growth & expansion of the institution.

·         He can cause any action to be initiated which is required in his opinion for the promotion of the above subject matter to ratification by the Governing Body.

·         He coordinates between the sponsoring Society, College Management Committee and the other systems of managements in the college.



·         To prepare all the agenda items, co-ordinate the conduct of meetings, record the minutes and arrange to follow-up all actions required.

·         To provide leadership, guidance, help implementation and monitoring all the academic activities in compliance with the affiliated university

·         To conduct internal, end and other examinations

·         To initiate all the developmental activities, monitor the progress and report to the GB

·         To ensure and receive all departmental budgets in the prescribed form for every calendar year for the next academic year.

·         To ensure the preparation of reports on various activities and also the annual report of SNTI

·         To become responsible for the general amenities and arrangements for students and employees of SNTI



·         Every committee constituted at college level and department level. Every committee have faculty member as In-charge with two or more faculty members as committee members.

·         Committee In charge will look after the committees program and operation.

·         These committees at college level assist the HODs in the discharge of their duties and smooth functioning of the college.

·         These committees at department level assist the Department Academic in the discharge of their duties and smooth functioning of the department.

·         Every committee has well defined roles and responsibilities at both levels. Each activity conducted by the committee is as per the standard operating procedures laid down by the management.




·         Department HOD prepares departmental workload as per the JNTU syllabus, Allocation of workload in prescribed formats. Coordinating with library committee. Preparation, updating and standardization of student Handbook & Lab manuals. Collection & Verification of course material &PPT certifies by academic committee. Coordinate with Library committee, Time-Table In-charge, Lab In-charge, Internal Examination In-charge for smooth class activities and midterm exams. Preparation of list of weak students in each class and conduct bridge classes, slip tests. Analysis result to conduct Remedial classes for failure students. Ensuring Club activities and Guest lectures, workshop & seminars.

·         For the smooth functioning regarding departmental issues prescribed formats, register, worksheet and mentor/counseling report book were well designed in a systematic form each have pre described guidelines, In-charge duties, role and responsibilities.




·         Every Department has a Co-ordinator to monitor the, Time Table In-charge, Class In-charge (section wise), Lab In-charge, Internal Examination In-charge and Department level Committee In-charges.

·         All In-charges duties & responsibilities are well defined as per standard operating procedures with harmony.